Saturday, 8 of August of 2020

DVD Production

Short run DVD Duplication in 6 days or less

Includes Direct to disc printing on the face of the disc, duplication on industrial grade media (CD-R or DVD-R), double verification of data against your master and optional packaging.

There are three choices for short run printing

Black Thermal: very simple text – no graphics

Silkscreen Printing: Photographic quality high resolution chip-proof, scratch-proof direct-to-disc printing.

All of these methods are direct-to-disc. Inkjet can smear and looks amateurish, labels can lift and damage the CD or DVD players.

Long Run Replication in 8 days or less

We start by creating film for the printing of surface of your CD or DVD.

Then is the creation of glass masters and stampers for injection molding your disc, verification of the master against the stampers, injection molding of your disc and quality control sampling throughout the run.

Once the discs are molded, we offset or silkscreen print your graphics on the face of the disc and either shrink-wrap the spindles of discs or package them in sleeves or other packaging items.